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Kowloon was established since 1986, located in Zhengzhou city, which city of industrial hub of China, 31 years experience on manufacturing wood processing machinery ,construction machinery and recycling machinery. Kowloon machines adopt advanced technology from USA, Germany, Japan and Australia, not only suits Chinese market and woods, as well as different materials and countries. Kowloon support team has more than 20 professional engineers to provide clients professional solutions, facing mult...Quality management AA system<br /> <br /> In order to strengthen and improve the overall quality and brand awareness of "Kowloon machinery" fundamentally change the impression of the outside of Henan products, in line with the market for the majority of customers responsible attitude, combined with the past quality management of the company there are some flaws, Since December 2005, the following "Quality Management System Rules" has been formulated and supervised by the departments of various...Jiulong Machinery is based on heavy industrial city - Zhengzhou, Kowloon people with deep mechanical skills, especially for wood processing equipment, "a fine" professional manufacturing experience, first from a high starting point on the basis of the introduction of foreign leading technology, China's wood series of processing equipment industry, "the largest, most professional, the most species of the most comprehensive, the most complete variety of products, "The fixed point of the manufactur...It has long been asserted that this day will come, but no one can imagine it all coming so fast. In the global construction machinery enterprises are depressed situation, the Chinese construction machinery industry giants have the target locked in the world's top construction machinery business camp.<br /> Potential energy of the rapid conversion behind the Chinese construction machinery market environment, a huge change. With the rapid development of China's economy, China's construction machi...Henan is the Central Plains machinery development base, and professional production of wood flour machine manufacturers are few and far between the seventies of last century, wood powder all the rage, wood flour production process both in terms of production and quality are not To ensure that when people vigorously mining trees, that time there is a poor processing equipment, product quality and other issues were eliminated.<br /> In the face of this situation, the machinery industry began to e...The party committee of the Kowloon company to the scientific concept of development as the guide, adhere to the "1.3" policy, around the development of grasping the party building, do a good job to promote the development of party building, and constantly enhance the party building work on the scientific development of the degree of staff and staff satisfaction, Rapid development and the realization of the A1 program to provide strong political, organizational and ideological protection.<br /> ...